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Our specialized formula jumpstarts your journey into ketosis, allowing you to experience the incredible benefits of fat adaptation faster than ever.

  1. Fuel Your Energy: Say goodbye to energy slumps. Vitabodiz KETO Drops provide you with a consistent, sustainable energy source, helping you conquer your daily challenges with vigor.

  2. Mental Clarity: Experience heightened mental focus and clarity as your brain thrives on ketones. No more brain fog – just sharp, alert thinking.

  3. Crush Cravings: Bid farewell to those nagging cravings. These drops are designed to help control your appetite, making it easier to stick to your ketogenic lifestyle.

  4. Enhanced Fat Burning: When your body is in ketosis, it becomes a fat-burning machine. This means that you'll experience efficient weight loss, with a focus on burning stored fat for energy.

In our trusted formula, we've harnessed the power of all-natural active ingredients, meticulously selecting standardized herbs in therapeutic doses. Furthermore, these standardized herbs maintain the complete range of valuable phytonutrients inherent in the whole herb.

How to use

Before each use, give your KETO Drops a good shake. This ensures that the natural ingredients are well-mixed for consistent effectiveness.

Use the dropper provided to measure your desired serving of KETO Drops and add it to your preferred beverage one to two times a day. You can choose to mix them with water, a smoothie, juice, or any other beverage you enjoy. This flexibility makes it easy to incorporate the drops into your daily routine.


L-arginine to Supports improved blood flow and cardiovascular health, L-carnitine to Aids in fat metabolism and energy production, African mango to help with weight management and appetite control, garcinia cambogia extract to Assists in weight loss by reducing appetite and inhibiting fat production,raspberry ketone to help break down fat cells more effectively, cinnamon Helps regulate blood sugar levels, green tea Loaded with antioxidants, it supports metabolism and overall health, ginger Has anti-inflammatory properties and aid digestion, dandelione for its diuretic properties, supporting water balance, gree cooffee beans Contains chlorogenic acid, which aid weight loss and improve blood sugar control, ginseng Adaptogenic herb that boost energy and reduce stress, Gymnema sylvestre help reduce sugar cravings and support blood sugar control, chromium Assists in blood sugar regulation, coleus forskohill etc extract Supports metabolism and aid in weight loss.


Customer Reviews

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Sanford Fadel

It came very fast, I'll just try it

Torrey Upton

Arrived faster than I thought!

Annette Bins

I'm still testing it, but the results so far are better than expected.

Dameon Carroll

Received on time as expected. Highly recommend to all for businesses. Easy to deal and very good communication .

Aniyah Langosh

I feel secretly happy to have become beautiful after all.

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Customers also ask

What is the best supplement to burn fat?

The best fat-burning supplement should have proven ingredients like green tea extract and dandelion, and always be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise for optimal results.

Is it OK to take a fat burner everyday?

Taking a fat burner daily is generally safe if it contains proven and natural ingredients like green tea, ginger, Ketone, dandolion,L-camitine and follows recommended dosages.

What can a woman take to reduce fat?

For fat reduction, women can consider supplements with ingredients like L-Arginine Hydrochloride and Ketone, alongside a balanced diet and regular fitness exercise regimen

Does fat burner help you lose weight?

Yes, Fat burners support weight loss by enhancing metabolism and increasing energy, yet effectiveness relies on combining them with a balanced diet and consistent exercise regimen.